Hosed my system in a rush, I guess it is time for a clean install, Advice?

Before making ArchLabs a daily driver, most of my experience with linux was for fun and experimental. Rarely, did I need to keep anything before installing new. This time, I should likely save some stuff. I assume I should copy my Home folder if I can get access to it. Any other useful tips?

Backstory: Family called and wanted to play Tabletop Simulator. I had installed on my work desktop, but my spouse wanted to play. So I grabbed Steam and she bought the game. I installed it on my ArchLabs laptop and it would freeze. I assumed it was something to do with my damn graphics card(s). 2010 Macbook Pro with intel/Nvidia setup. I remember playing with it after first installing AL, but I figured something was amiss and wondered if I could try to find some quick gui like bumblebee or optimus manager to see if I could stop the crash. Well, when your friends are on the other line asking if it is working, I rushed and didn’t read. Now, the laptop boots to a black screen with “_” in the left corner. I was thinking of doing a clean install anyway. I guess I forced my own hand.

BTW, I miss y’all. I always mean to stop here and chat as I did before. The whole pandemic thing has triggered some of the anxiety and depression I was working on.

Are you able to access another tty from the point it stops at?


Good to see a friendly face! So, I was going to say, “no” to answer your question, but this silly old Mac has a “Fn” key. I pressed that with the combination you suggested and got terminal!

I assume uninstalling my mistakes will likely not help. Adding additional packages may have borked lightdm, amateur me is thinking. That’s the last thing I see on bootup sequence before the screen goes dark.

edit: Spoke too soon. I am back in business.

Still, any advice for a clean install would be appreciated. This one is about 2+ yrs old. And, I know I did it before, so I can do it again.

Being an ancient Macbook Pro, I know I had issues with keyboard lights, volume buttons, trackpad, and that video card nonsense. Not all terrible, some just minor configs. So any advice on making the clean install easier would be appreciated. (This guy, should have really taken notes the first time.)

Absolutely agree.

/etc/xorg.conf.d/ might have configs you want to keep.

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Were you able to get everything back up and running?

Yes. Thank you as always! I love this community.

I am just downloading the latest iso and trying to make sure I have backups of things, including your suggestion of xorg.conf.d

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Yea good to see familiar people around still.

There’s probably more stuff that maybe you want but it depends if you customized it. Most things should just be in your home directory as well.

You could also make package lists for official and AUR packages then after reinstall pass them back in to pacman, found in the below posts (click the little down arrow in the far right of the linked post to expand it in this thread).



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Definitely can agree with that!

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