Horrors of the interwebs


It will get to a tipping point. It has to.

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Yes it will.

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Fuckin asswhole . Hope he ll get what s deserved.

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Too bad it wasn’t the ‘chip’ on his shoulder that was taken! Maybe his punishment should be that someone grabs him by the feet and slam his head against the wall. Then ask him how he likes it. Then continue until his brain, if he has any, falls out.:rage:

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Looks like the seagull was doing that fat bastard a favour, the ungrateful sod…



This concerns me.






Taught these were already in existence ! lol

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This is sick



This is what is wrong with the world, well part of it.

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F!ckin asswholes, hate these worker abusers, when it fits their needs, it s ok, when not, you see what happens.

If the unlawfull worker s not legal to work in a said country & get something whatever it is, the employer should ve twice as bad of a fine &/or even jail time.

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Oh fuck no.



Seriously? Let’s destroy decent food and let people starve. This is FUCKED up and so, so wrong.



It’s a shame, in Europe the same story



It’s a bit more involved than what’s in that tweet. The group serving the food is/was organizing pic nics all over town, but refusing to cooperate and comply with city ordinances to get the proper permits for events and handling/serving food; including health and safety. The incident in the tweet was actually a larger sting operation at several events. Some of the local charities are helping them out now to avoid another fuck up.

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Another example of political shit that doesn t help the people but their own power trips, even after what PackRat explaned here, it s waste of food again & some people starving, which doesn t help the authorities in any ways. Sad story again.



I think the horror of the interwebz are Axel Voss and his article 13 right now. If you live in the EU, please call your representative:

Yes, call him, online petition isn’t enaugh!

more memes



This is sick



This world is now an insane asylum. Just when you thought you hit bottom, a new low is achieved.

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Judge declared a mistrial. Jury deadlocked on felony charges, aquitted cop of a misdemeanor charge.

Cop was shooting at the patient and hit the social worker in the leg. Both the patient and the social worker are suing the city.

State attorney is looking to retry the felony charges.

Cop took the shot from 50 yards, even though cops closest to the patient (guy escaped from health facility) and social worker determined the guy wasn’t a threat. Looks like State attorney couldn’t make her case. Florida law gives cops a lot of leeway, but 50 yards out with other cops down range seems to be an obvious fuck up.