Horrors of the interwebs


I wonder if the parents are now thinking that they should have gone on the pill.:grin:


Prepare yourselves, reveal at your own risk




You can’t fix stupid

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Gee, sometimes I wonder where er we re going !




Fuck these guys and their attitude to women.


You bet.


Piece of shit.


Fuckin wanker. Like he needs the extra chips.


Just when I thought people couldn’t get any…I don’t know…moronic?


Yes I remember reading about that. Should we start re-opening the insane asylums?


I think just a bullet in the head will suffice.


Naw, waste of a good resource. We need those bullets for all the sick politicians who wants socialism and the abortion of babies…


Oh yeah! Burn at the stake? Captiv bolt pistol? Death by a thousand cuts? Fed to a heard of pigs? Dropped into a raging volcano?


This makes me sick!

What the hell!!!


That makes two of us. Sickening to say the least.

I have to say, I am not surprised. This statement comes from the same group of idiots that class pizza as a vegetable.


The Meshuggah Shout list at last.fm… this place is a hell hole of fools and idiots and people who don’t know when to shut u.


Yep. As well as those who try to tell people they are a they or it or an orangutan… they are so confused and now they are trying to confuse the kidsof who they are. Isn’t that child abuse?


It is seriously concerning. I do believe though, that one day in the near future the average citizen is going to say “fuck this” and I think we will see a real change of who’s in charge. If you know what I mean.


Yes I do, but in what way. When you allow the government or organization have too much control, could be worse than these fruit cakes. Some of the was of the old days would be nice, but without the racism ( not the way it’s defined today). But unfortunately, things are going to get worse…