Horrors of the interwebs


It’s rife, they all need to be lined up and shot. The perpetrators and the ones protecting them. The 1000’s of lives ruined by those paedophilic fuckers.


I would let them suffer hard & for a really long time before they die, might have other ones think lots of time before doing shit like that.


I don’t think that’s how it works with people of that ilk. It’s a mental thing and seeing others being punished isn’t enough to dissuade them from their fantasies/perversions. If only it was that easy to deal with.


Yep , but it might refrain some that would not do such things if not in a system like that, they do it because they want to comply to the organization per see & not have shit done to them as they might have otherwtse.


It’s worth a shot at least :smiley:


Yep , only for the fact that they would be sufering big time.lol


You know they used to torture and burn alive those they call heretics. One has to wonder if they are the ones that are tortured and burned alive at the stake. But, I know that someone will punish them if man won’t. Don’t like seeing anyone hurting, but maybe this will dissuade others from following these sick idiots. But who knows…


Right between the eyes if you’re talking about pedo’s.


Yep . but after having suffered hell beforehand.


Exactly what I mean!


Why waste a perfectly good bullet. They enjoy torture, maybe if the shoe is on the other foot. Let’s see how much they enjoy torture then.


Two words. Captive Bolt.


I reiterate my comment above.


Freacken a$$whole, hope he ll get he deserves inside the prison, usually these sorts of crimes don t go unpunushed inside.


True. His type typically don’t last long in prison.


Yep , they ll make him suffer before he goes out.


He better hope he doesn’t drop his bar of soap in the communal shower. Maybe he’ll become Baba’s girlfriend.


He ll get a run for his money.


Literally @altman literally!


Now, that’s intervention.