Horrors of the interwebs


Hate these 4 wheelrs when they do sh!t like that, but in that case it was instant karma .


Maybe not; the guy had already given some foul balls away; and the Cubs made things right for that kid:


@PackRat. Yep, remember these 2 a##wholes, lovely me,myself & I .

Props to the Cubs.


Rat Bastards


Totally agree.


People never cease to disappoint. Unbelievable.


As time goes by, it seems it s getting worst .


No surprise. And yes, unfortunately, things are and will get worse. Look at what is happening in the Catholic church. How many lives were ruined?


They would need to be kept in a Outback prison at way over a 100 degrees, & beaten big time. But most get away with it, but it s slowly getting there as for their free rides without anything s being done to these a$$wholes.


It’s no wonder that those who are trying to be genuine gets a bad rap. Those who pretend to be bible believers, makes others who are true look bad. But, then again, isn’t true with any organization?


@sevenday4 , you bet, hope they ll get caught before they die or get way too old.


The question is, if they are caught, will they face charges. These horrific atrocities have been going on for decades, even centuries, and yet they seem to slip through the cracks. And apparently, this Pope has a warrant over his head in Argentina. He should be facing charges, and yet he is going around the world as if he’s a saint. Talk about hypocrisy!


@sevenday4. So true as with some corporate & banking big guns that always get on with it.

When you have top connections anything goes right !


This ought to make anyone’s blood boil:


And yes, there’s corruption everywhere. From governments to banks. From businesses to churches. I mean look at the scams from call centers:



wow, if he has anything against him at all, but someone without any name would be in a priso in an heartbeat.

Edit: love when the scammer gets scammed !lol


The vile infestation of the Catholic Church is only made more obvious because of it’s political structure and ardent, archaic rules which force celibacy upon a men only club. This type of behavior isn’t limited to them but is prevalent throughout history within all the world’s religions. That’s not to say religion, in and of itself is the cause but indicative more of, purposeful segregation of sub-groups within society. The Catholic Church has, through it’s own structure created the perfect petri dish to grow abusive behavior.


Yeah, it serves them right. I had a run in from such scammers. They thought they could pull one on me. I ended when he tried to tell me that I know nothing because he’s a Microsoft certified technician. I asked him for his Microsoft number, he wouldn’t give it. Then I told him I much better, I am an electronics engineer who specializes in computer technology. Suddenly, he hung up. :joy:


And they wonder why this is a issue? It’s not natural to be celibate. There’s been issues with all denominations because of evil people. The catholic church is the only church who ‘practices’ celibacy. Also the only church that is also a political institution. There’s even mentioned that nuns have been raped. But because they have political clout, no one would challenge them. In fact, some countries are afraid to speak out against these atrocities because they think that this church has every right to do what it wants. But thank God, more and more people are speaking out. But again, will the church face punishment? In fact this church would throw anyone under the bus, including those in high positions, to save themselves. It only a few bad apples to ruin the whole bunch.


Any time humanity concentrates within sub-groups and collectively believes it then follows a differing set of laws than the rest of society, abhorrent behavior can take root. This isn’t just limited to religious organizations but government institutions and corporate entities. Until Catholics everywhere decide enough is enough, headlines like these will continue. Money may not buy everything but it can be used to help solve problems… Both by spending it and withholding it.


Absolutely! I mean look at our own government. Most of the congressional politicians accept bribes, although they call it contributions. Most of these individuals live in mansions and are multimillionaires. And they could get away with breaking laws. Look at the Clintons for instance. The politicians would pass laws that exempts themselves. It’s just asinine!