Horrors of the interwebs


Something like that. Maybe they’re on some psychotropic drugs or hellucigen drugs, or both. Can this be another wave of the hippie generation?


@sevenday4, might be something else also !lol



@Dobbie03 , lol, instant karma !



Sh!t , I would ve used its brakes on my old car ! lol


Now, that’s one pissed off ex-Wife! :grin:


She payed the towing & crane ! lol

He was warned NOT to buy a white Ferrari she wanted a red one ! lol


Right! Ha! :grin:


Don t mess with her, you wont have another chance ! lol


Nothing a bullet wouldn’t fix.

The poor little thing.


You bet mate


People aren’t this stupid are they?

Please tell me this is made up and not real.


Good grief… If it is true, terrible about the little child but I’m sure it had absolutely nothing to do with any vaccine.


Yep , sad story, hope it s a bad joke, if not, that s scary what some are thinking.


We know that, but do people really believe shit like that?

So very sad if they do.


@Dobbie03. Weird, we almost replied at the same time.


Oh hell, there’s tons of people in the US who won’t vaccinate their children because of this weird shit all over the interwebs. Probably about the same percentage who voted for our current orange leader… So, there ya go. :thinking:


LOL a never ending trail of destruction and hilarity.


Fuck me