Horrors of the interwebs


Share your creepy and stomach turning images etc here.

Keep it porn and gore free please.



High Quality German safety videos:



That s some kind of horrors ! lol




lol, it doesn t make much sense that it spurs like that ! But funny anyhow.


Oh shit! https://imgur.com/gallery/3B2b3UW


That’s a major leak leading to a major breakdown in fantasy land! Almost like when my two brain cells jump out of each ear after a quarrel! Lol :astonished:


Ah! Modern art when you least expected. :grin:


LOL people forget the power of the sun, especially when it is amplified by a freaking mirror!


The guy in this video is a prime example of a fuckwit.


Gee, that sux !



I would kick his a$$ big time. Good example of of a Me , Myself & I , they knew the ball was for the little fella. A nice couple that goes well together.

Poor little boy.


The woman is not much better especially with that smug look on her face.


@sevenday4 , yep.

The thing I like about it is that they re on national tv, if someone recognise them , they can t hide from their neighbourhood or people aroundthem if they happened to look at it.


These people are real? I thought it was a joke.


Lol, they don t know what to invent now, & also before that I must say.


Lol ! These people must be from the twilight zone! I heard about these flatters, I tried to watch one of their videos. Didn’t last 2 minutes. Next, Martians are from Venus! :joy::rofl::joy:


@sevenday4, you got it, they must be hooked on crack or something right !lol