Hopefully a new Home


Hi all,

I am Ben, I am a scout. I am using Linux for nearly 10 years now.
Started on my eeepc back in '09 with a *buntu, then went arch on my desktop, enjoyed #! for a long time.
Went distro hopping then.

But as I enjoyed arch and enjoyed #! I guess I will love ArchLabs.

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A scout? like boy scout? or cav scout?


Scout as in Boy Scout, I was a scout leader till I moved from Germany to Ireland. But still a Scout by <3.


Cool enough.


Hello and welcome @The-Scout.

I am sure you will love ArchLabs!


Welcome @The-Scout this is great forum for learning and sharing, so have fun!:grin:


And after a while, I am back.
Work was a lot and I hopefully get my new ThinkPad X1 Extreme soon <3 of course I will test ArchLabs on it first.


Welcome back!


Welcome aboard @The-Scout


Long time no see. Welcome back @The-Scout😁


What @pippo, @altman and @sevenday4 have said :slight_smile:

Beer’s in the fridge, coffee on the counter… Put your feet up and hang out a while.


Thank guys.
Beer… <3


Lol, time for a beer now !

Coffee on my side, still in the Morning here.


It is about 7:30 in the morning where I am at. One day better than Monday. :sleeping:


10:30 am here @sevenday4 . You must be on the West Coast right !


15:42 in Ireland :wink:
Still have to work for 2+ hours but then beer, yes.


@The-Scout , & some great Irish Whiskey right ! lol


That may happen.


Me too. Hell, I’m on my second pot… aaannddd immm feellling juuuust fineeee :stuck_out_tongue:


@Glenn lol, carefull old fart coffee-wise !