Hope No One Here Uses Insteon Home Automation Products


I don’t need or want a smarthome, I don’t even want a smartphone.


That’s why I use a dumb phone.




There’s another one. It’s that camera doorbell one. Heard it on Linux unplugged. They’re cheap but have security issues.

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It’s the wyze ones. Basically they had a CVE and subsequently patched the 2nd and 3rd gen ones but just said they won’t support or patch the 1st gen ones. Like my new 10 dollar croc clog knockoffs from Walmart that are super uncomfortable you get what you pay for.

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I know people who use Ring and they are constantly checking on it on their phone. It managed to make them even more paranoid.

I can see automation if you own a McMansion or if you live on a large property. But I chose to be less dependent on tech, and sometimes it brings a false sense of security. I am not Tony Montana with a pile of yeyo on my desk staring at a cable truck in my monitor array, spending 12 percent of the adjusted gross on counter surveillance so I can sleep good at night mang.


The Scarface refference was really funny and maybe the best I’ve heard yet for IoT devices. Say hello to my little friend…

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