Homepage still goes to old forum

Just a housekeeping thing which may have been discussed before or elsewhere…
A few days ago i reinstalled AL on my multiboot system. My first intention was to go to the forum to ask a specific question. The homepage sends me to the old forum addy with a url correction in the text. No biggie, but…

Very strange, the link at www.archlabslinux.com sent me straight here. Can you link me to where you found this?

Now i open my big mouth i confuse myself…
The file i thought was the default page is actually now somehow mine file:///home/bill/.ArchLabs-homepage/index.html …It’s even a file in my home dir.

At any rate it goes to an AL page with a search, on the left side are options
From here i choose Official, then ArchLabs Forums, i get this
The old tapatalk, with another link to the current forum.

I hope this makes sense. I am not used to using screenshots, let alone screenshots via firefox.

Basically you are right though, a search brings up the page with correct forum addy. Just talking about a new install here, and possibly one I’ve already mucked up. Would be interesting to see if anyone could duplicate, however.

I understand. The startpage. I thought we had corrected this. Thanks for the heads up.

Thank YOU for figuring out what i was trying to say…

Not a problem :smiley: I’m glad it is an easy fix.