/home/leigh/.local/bin/rofi_run icons?

In the rofi_run script, I can edit to get an extra suspend line on super-x which to my amazement actually worked, but cant work out how to add a suitable icon for Suspend (i just used Zz for now)

“ Lock| Logout| Reboot|Zz Suspend| Shutdown”
(icons dont paste here)

What icon-theme are these and how would I write a new one in, in Xed for example?



Wonder if those links can be of any help to you @leigh



Ypu can always have a look at that threat also;


ttf-font-awesome - font awesome cheat sheet


they dont look like font awsome

/usr/share/fonts/TTF/AL icomoon.ttf ?

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I’m going to use this, I used it in my i3 config (that I havent got going again yet)

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That would be correct.

The “AL iconmoon” and “AL Ubuntu Mono Nerd Font Complete” provide icons.

Nerd fonts also has a cheat sheet


thanks @PackRat @altman
I used iconmoon in the end, via a blank Libreoffice writer doc, insert symbol then cut and paste into rofi_run in xed (for some reason rofi_run wasnt displayed properly in write, so I couldnt do it directly)

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Glad that you got it fixed @leigh

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@leigh I use this site to search for the icon I want.

Using the HTML Entity. Clicking the icon copies the hex(?) code and then using gucharmap you can then ctrl+f to bring up a search window and paste the code of the copied icon, hitting enter will take you directly to the selected icon.

This will only work if the require font is installed :smiley:


Thanks @Dobbie03
I reallylike the iconmoon ones, when I rebuild my i3, ‘Better, stronger, faster’, I think I will use this instead of the font awesome ones I had before

will look into gucharmap

EDIT Ah, gucharmap is the gnome character map app, I could have guessed that from the name LOL, exactly what I needed and replaces my frigging around in LO Writer step
I just need to read up on what the difference between script and fonts are now :rofl:

Ah! now I see why you use that site to search - its difficult within gucharmap

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