Holy water or holy cow?

For me, it’s a holy cow moment when I see this every year happening in my country. Grownups and old people queuing up to get some water that became holy when some bearded man touched it with his shit.
Who needs Covid vaccines when holy water exists? Who needs social distancing and wearing masks when you are standing so close to that huge quantity of holiness?
Actually I’m more curious who did the X shape with the bottles and why :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:




Cross of St. Andrew ?

Eastern Orthodox day of Epiphany today (Jan 6) isn’t it?


HOW COW, I guess you are right, I had no idea about that cross :innocent: :smiley:

Yeah that’s the one…

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Great, more plastic to pickup from the oceans.
So I would say “Holy Shit”.


Opium of people…


I better not say anything here. All I will say is that I am lost for words. There are a number of reasons why but I better just shut the hell up, why? Forum rules is why.


Well, from a taxpayer perspective …

250 cops @ $100/hr x 3 hours = $75,000

10,000 bottles of Walmart’s finest H20 @ $.10/bottle = $1,000.

Folks, that’s a net loss of $74k.

Sounds like Washington, DC.


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Sounds like pure fucking insanity to me.


We, the unbelievers are considered insane here, that’s normality what you see there… And I could show you even worse things than this, but maybe another time.

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@drLobes What’s the locale?

Romania, Dracula’s country, big LOL :slight_smile:

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Ok cool, Romania. Proud history of Olympic Gold medals! :+1:

Is this anywhere close to you … ?

Ohh man, that’s a totally different country, that’s Moldova, really really poor people there and not that bright either…about 300km from that Ratus place to where I live.

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Ok, gotchya … about 500 miles. The old Soviet & Eastern Bloc areas are quite interesting.

Yes they are interesting but not that great if you had to live there specially in the 80s and 90s

Right @drLobes.