Hola! Hello! Salut! Hallo! Ciao!


Hi all!

New user in the neighborhood from Spain.

I’ve been using Linux for a few years. First in Manjaro and then Linux Mint. Recently I had some issues with Mint 19 and decided it was time to try something new. After some days of distro hopping I met BunsenLabs, a very nice distro and my first contact with Openbox. I liked it a lot. Then I heard about ArchLabs, a distro inpired by BL and with more additional desktops to install easily, and after try it, I knew this was the distro I was looking for. And here I am, enjoying my brand new Openbox and BSPWM.


@PDM Welcome to the community :grin:


Many thanks Glenn! :slight_smile:


Be very welcome! \0/


Welcome! Happy to have you here!


Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:


Thank you, thank you!! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @PDM !


Welcome to the gang!


Hola @PDM, y bienvenido al foro.


It’s great to be here, thanks! :wink:


Thank you 7im4pple! :wink:


Muchas gracias, pippo! :slight_smile:


Welcome @PDM! Hope you enjoy our forum as well as the distro. There’s plenty of help here from great people. Also, if you have solutions, we hope that you will share. :grin:


Thanks sevenday4! :slight_smile: I have been reading the forum and I found useful info for me. And, of course, if I can help the community, will do it.