Hiding in the wilds - hey y'all!

Hi! I found ArchLabs by happy accident. I’ve been using Linux as much as possible since probably 2008/2009. I started with Ubuntu (doesn’t everyone?) and then was a very happy CrunchBang user for many years, used ArchBang for a while too. Completely self-taught and my terminal skills are quite rusty. My #! laptop died last summer and I didn’t have the funds or time to replace it. I was so sad when #! ended and had made some big mistakes on my last install so couldn’t install anything new (for some odd reason my UEFI (I think) had a password on it and I couldn’t change the load order anymore).

I just acquired a new-to-me mid-2010 MacBook and I’m feverishly hoping AL will install without too many difficulties (if you have any tips, I’m all ears, its a 7.1 I believe). I’m so so sick of my Windows laptop but must keep it in tiptop shape for school where they are forcing us to use a most awful software called Securexam (look it up if you want, horrible thing). My internet connect here out in the middle of nowhere is quite sketchy so I want a more secure environment for browsing and all my data work.

I’ll mainly be asking (silly) questions, drooling over the pretty screenshots and reading posts, this looks like such a lovely community! Beyond AL, I’m your regular redneck - I run a farm and work as an accountant, always listen to country music (haven’t had access to my playlist in months, surprise, Windows won’t open my files!), ride horses and sew clothes. My goal is to find a combination of software to allow me to do my entire business on Linux. I’m actively seeking a software company to get a sheep management setup that I can use without needing Windows or pen and paper.


@JinxedDream It’s good to have you here man. Lol’d reading your post, California bred and raised but living in the Mid-West and absolutely know people wearing different hats like you. That’s a lot of work, from my experience here… eventually, you’ve gota pick one. Anyhoots, great to have ya.

Welcome :slight_smile: Sheep eh? Can’t say I’ve ever been too keen to work with em.
What are your requirements for sheep management? I’m kind of curious now.

Hello and welcome to ArchLabs!

Welcome aboard @JinxedDream , a nice place to learn &/or share…

Hello @JinxedDream welcome to the community, catch up later…

I need a software to track inventory, record births, weights, etc. Ovitec is probably a good fit but Windows only. I’m currently investigating go360bioTrack from AgSights because it looks like its web-supported and might work with that I have. I’ll probably use SheepBytes for feed management. The AgSights programs would also work with the GenOvis program (which I think is Windows sadly).

I see, that is a conundrum. No possibility to use VirtualBox or VMWare? Not the greatest workaround, but mission critical software is important. It’s a shame there isn’t an opensource alternative, or at the very least a commercial application, but I can’t imagine many farmers are sold on Linux.

I found this… but it looks like it died early on https://www.linux-apps.com/content/show.php/Farm+Manager?content=152606
Unfortunately it requires QT I believe.

Also this https://farmos.org/ =o Upon further examination this seems geared towards crops… though I could be wrong.

Though I assume you’ve seen these :o

I’m hoping to talk to the folks at AgSights soon, they seem to be at least somewhat interested in working with what a farm has and it looks be an online platform. I will likely always have one Windows machine around, so its not a huge deal. I’m keeping an eye on FarmOS, it is crops related but looks like a good project.

Farming in general is neglected from the computer world. I think there is plenty of potential for a company to step in and do something. If I could, I would be working on software for it but I’m not that talented.

General comment on Linux, I’m a firm believer that if Linux was introduced in schools, for example Ubuntu instead of ChromeOS, within a decade Linux would be mainstream. Kids pick that stuff up so fast. Look at how MacOS took over the college scene. When I talk to peers my age about Linux and show them how it works, they are amazed and many are very willing to try it. I worked in media for several summers, I used #! exclusively during that time. It worked very well. My BF is not the best with computers but once exams is over, I’m going to put Mint on his laptop, because its easier than explaining anti-virus to him. I’ve put Mint on a lot of laptops for friends who graduated, got the whole Windoze thing going on. Mint seems to translate very well to the average Windows user without any major issues. If I hadn’t gone back to school and if they hadn’t made Securexam mandatory, I would have been happily ever after in the Linux OS realm.