Hiding all your files/folders with two different passwords

Is there an application or something where on my user account, I can have two different passwords, and one password would log into the account but it would hide everything I want to be hidden (such as browsing history, cookies), other files and folders but the other password will show everything on the OS?

Nothing comes to mind, I think the simplest solution would just be to have multiple users, thats what *nix has always been good for.

Another option that comes to mind would be to encrypt the stuff you don’t want accessed and just use a different password when doing so.

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If I was forced to give up my password to that specific account, then I need to be able to fool the people that the password is legitimate and have them believe that they have access to all my account.

I might use Veracrypt to set up a hidden OS or I can had my other drives using Veracrypt.