Hi to everyone

I firstly wrote a post and now I make my presentation. Making things backwards is the story of my life…

I joined the forum un 2018 but I’ve been silent until now, reading here and there in search for solutions. I’m writing from Canary Islands. I’ve been using GNU/Linux for 24 years and I’m still a newbie!

I tried to install my first Red Hat in 1998. It broke my head, my heart and my computer, so I got back to Win98, but I keep using RH in college computers. A couple of years later I heard about a distro with graphic installer in only eight 3 1/2 disks. They call it Mandrake! And it worked like a charm.
In 2004, a crazy rich man was sending CD’s of a new distro worldwide for free… This is how I met Ubuntu. Then I tried Debian, Suse, Slack, Fedora, Mandriva, Mint… even Gentoo! About 2008 Linux becomes my main OS in my PC’s. From that, I’ve tried much other distros (Peppermint, Chackra, Bodhi, Slitaz, Knoppix, Manjaro, OpenSuse, MX, Puppy, Damm Small …)
But I was looking for a change. I wanted an OS without ornaments and superfluous decorations. No need for wobbly windows, weather widgets or other laggish stuff. I didn’t know yet, but I needed a KISS!
I came across CrunchBang and OpenBox. Then CrunchBang++, BunsenLabs aaaand finally… ArchLabs since about 2017. Now I’m using AL in all my 2 desktop PC’s, in my 2 msi laptops, in a Chuwi tablet and in a couple of VM’s. And I feel this is what I was looking for. So I’m staying.

But I’m still a noob. :man_shrugging: .

About me, I dislike lies, hypocrits and the single thought. And I like… uhmm… well… beer. Yeah, and Linux, and free speech, and The Elder Scrolls, and racing games, and baking bread… but mainly… beer.

I really hope to be helpful here and be able of contribute if I can.
I feel very comfortable with this community.

Thanks all!


Welcome aboard @thoronaug

Glad to see you around.


Welcome to the forum, @thoronaug! You’ll find a good bunch of beer lovers here.

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome !!!


Welcome to the AL family.

I had to google where

are. :grinning:

Hope you will enjoy your stay here.


More beers and donuts! Welcome to ArchLabs.


On the sailers that I follow on YT , they mosstly get true the Canary Islands going West to Middle &/or South America, I also ad to check where it was at fisrt as I only heard about that place but never knew where it was located at

A nice place by the way for the ones that care;


Welcome to the temple of the best distribution. :wink:


Welcome! Draw a chair and have a beer!!


Welcome @thoronaug! I too like beer! In fact I am drinking one right now.


Hey man. Hope you enjoy the distro and forums.


Thank you all for the greetings!!

It’s a well known place in Europe as a usual tourist destination cause of its lovely weather along the year (except for this last week :cold_sweat:). For the rest, it’s not a very interesting place.

Of course! How could I have forgotten donuts?? Love them too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You got it!

Lots of beer lovers around here, I see… Maybe it would be good a “Share your beer” thread in off-topic :joy:

Thank you all again, guys.

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Check https://forum.archlabslinux.com/t/what-are-you-drinking.

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Sorry, I forgot to search before writing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There’s place for everything here…


Welcome to the forum @thoronaug


Hi @thoronaug !
I have no idea what I am doing, but I am totally converted to Archlabs, largely thanks to the expertise, kindness and patience found on this amazing forum.

We used to go (as UK uni students) and live on Correlejo / Flag beach on Fuertaventura in tents with our windsurfers for months at a time in the mid 80’s, was a lovely quiet authentic place back then, and great windsurfing. We used to sneak into the one hotel there for a dip in the pool as we had no access to showers.


Nice pic! Love it! Back in the 80’s it wasn’t easy to find fresh milk bricks here (they almost only had powdered milk) so I suppose the guy on the right is getting a sip of wine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been in Corralejo a few years ago and is a very nice place to relax. I arrive to the Canary in 2005 and didn’t imagine how they could have been in mid 80’s. But Fuerteventura is a really authentic place with an amazing landscapes and it’s perfect to get distance with the stress of cities. And yeah, is great for surfing! All 7 island are.

World was much funnier back the past. In 2006 guards expelled me for an hotel pool for sneaking to swim naked… Nowadays would be more difficult do those things.

I only hope you didn’t do that “balconing” thing … :rofl:

Glad to know about this. If you come again, let me know!

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Better late than never: welcome to the forum @thoronaug
Enjoy your time here and banter along