Hi @ll

Coming here via #! and BL. Have been keeping an eye on ArchLabs for one year now and I am very impressed of your achievements.

Debian is my home but want to learn more about how things work here in Arch. Have learnt some very basic stuff these past 12 months and hope to learn more in the future.

I promise to stay out of things too technical for me and will try to not be too boring in the off topic section. Wish I had more time for this stuff but try to have as much fun as time permits.

That is all for now, see you around. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

Hi @orionH! You’ll find a lot more up to date packages using ArchLabs :smiley:
Enjoy your time here.

Hey @orionH welcome aboard. This a great place to share ideas. Also if you need help, there’s plenty great people who will gladly help.

Thanks for the welcome guys. Forgot to mention that I have two installs of 2018/03 installed. One virtual and one on hd. I did scrap my minimo install from last autmn that uptil now had worked without problems for me. Felt like it was time for a fresh one, to start all over.

Both installs worked without glitches and the “al-hello” script worked it`s magic flawlessly. It is rather massive, but it gives a good start to a new install. And of coursse the possibility to have a rerun when or if necessary. :wink: