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Hi, its me Jonn

Hi fellas,

introducing myself,
My name is John Stilia and I am using Archlabs for around 4 months ( August 2019 )
I am working in a DevOps environment and I am coming from mac and ubuntu distros.

Using ArchLabs it definitely fulfils my curiosity into understanding how OS works for you.

Certainly, you will hear more from me as I would love to be active in the community!

See you online ( or if you are in London let’s grab a coffee! )


Welcome aboard @stilia.johny . See you around mate.

Welcome to the forum.

Hello fellow Glider :slight_smile:

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living more if you live in communities :slight_smile:

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Hello @stilia.johny and welcome to the forum. I wish I had time for a coffee in London, but usually I am collected at the airport, taken to a meeting room and returned to the base as soon as the meeting is over.
No time for “distractions”…

Welcome from italy.