Hi, it's good to be back on Archlabs after a year of struggle on Windows10 xD!

I just wanted to say Hi! I’m just an happy returning ArchLabs user :smiley: it’s been my favorite “home distro” after vanilla Arch, ever since I discovered this distro I stopped using vanilla! I was using Win10 for a year, but I am so glad that I left that 2nd ssd with my old linux /home on it untouched for a whole year :smiley: even though I ran onto some space issues on Win10 (considered formatting, but something held me back the entire time).

And in case you wonder why on Earth would I install Win, well I needed it first 3 months to study a bit UE4 with no issues. But sadly I don’t have an VFIO setup to VM that Win10 install - I am looking to fix it this year :slight_smile: I’ll post about running ArchLabs+Win10 on same machine!

Anyway, it feels good to be launching commands into terminal again :smiley: and geeking / tinkering stuff, and strangely it feels really good that I have my /home where I left off xD (didn’t even need to type password on this forum lol) it is my first time experiencing it, usually I migrated the stuff and deleted the drive. And I’m totally hyped to catch up with the latest fashion trends of Arch and Linux :smiley: and see what’s changed

Blessings to all :))


Great to see you return.

I hope your studies were a success.

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It’s all dressed in a Japanese Hentai comic tossed from a businessman on a Japanese subway. Teenage Samurai Anime girls dressed in Catholic Schoolgirl uniforms. It’s a reliquary of being submissive to the machine. A slave to the grind in a future post anachronistic world of Debian.

In other words: unixporn.

Edit: if this seems a bit twisted, well, I am, but I blame this on both @drLobes and @natemaia for getting me hooked on vape. My computer desk is littered with empty juice bottles, rechargeable batteries, and tiny little brass coils. I am balls deep in this now. Getting obsessed with Archlabs and Guinness is one thing. Building a juice cellar like nate’s is a whole 'nother rabbit hole of Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny.


Hello again, welcome back :slight_smile:

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Welcome back @Sorcerer .

Glad to see you back around .

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Linux and fashion trends in the same sentence, first time I’m seeing this :)))))

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