Hi I am a newbie here at ArchLinux

My name is Pablo, I am a designer but i like to know what goes on under the hood not to be cheated or scammed!. I been a linux user since i learned it from redhat in the 1998. I been through searching distros from slackware, suse, fedora, etc. I finally jump into the wild and awesomeness when I learned about ArchLabs 2017.12 Best, tested R2D2, 2017.10. I congratulate you all for this amazing distro, i run it in virtual box and vmware at first, and now i installed it on a Pakcard Bell dot S, and i have to say it’s so so fast and awesome. The hello script and the install terminal, poly bar, openbox and xfce are what it has to be ( congrats again on a beautiful work. I think you are growing the future here!


Greetings Pablo.

Very nice summary😁

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Hello and Welcome to ArchLabs

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