Hi guys

I’ve already posted here without introducing myself.
I come from many distros (debian, kali, ubuntu, arcolinux, anarchy etc…) and break them all because i like to try new things without knowing what I’m doing.
Babby needs to be sent into fire so he knows that it burns, babby wants more pain.
Archlabs is not broken yet, that’s good I can mess up with it and it works nice out of the box, so it’s not complicated to rice it.
I’m here cause it’s the first time I’m plenty happy of a distro and because I like to break things it’s convenient for me to be able to discuss with AL users from time to time. I’m somewhat discreet, you won’t see me posting really often, but I lurk a lot.


Welcome k.

Welcome aboard @k43r17h .

Welcome @k43r17h!

Thx, see you.

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Well welcome to the forum @k43r17h. Lurk all you want and don’t be shy about joining in discussions or asking for assistance. There’s a lot of great people who are knowledgeable who can help. And if you have answers to issues, go ahead and post.

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Welcome @k43r17h

Even if users here seem to be rather advanced in general, I will help someone who needs it if I can.
Good continuation to you