Hi from Scandinavia!

Music and computers.
A rather old musician/music-teacher with a strange interest in Openbox.
Music is good or bad doesnt matter what genre!! I play it all! Started as a Punkrock-guitarist (in our band “Swetty Balls”) but since many years I play mostly classical and jazz (sax/clarinet). I like Archlabs but a good forum is even more important for a good distro! This looks very promising!



Welcome! I don’t play any instruments, principally because I have no talent for it. I listen to pretty much everything, though. A lot of metalheads here on ArchLabs.

I agree on the importance of a good forum / community. These guys are great!

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Swetty Balls. :heart:

Welcome womp! Good to see you here.

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Welcome @womp!

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Great to see ya @ the new diggs!

Welcome :grin:

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