Hi folks!

Hello! I’m miyo, and I have just recently installed ArchLabs after admiring it from afar for quite some time. First, thanks to all who are involved in the project. I realize what must go into producing something like this…so thank you!

Next, I would like to provide a list of a few issues that I ran into during installation and post-installation…

LOL! I didn’t run into any issues! The system is stinkin’ awesome! :wink:

I loved the installer…chose Openbox…and I have to say that the default theme is gorgeous! Now excuse me while I go have some more fun with the system.

Just wanted to introduce myself, say thank you, and here’s to hoping you won’t hear from me very often! :grin:


Welcome to the forum @miyo. Glad you had a great experience in installing AL. Hope to see you participate in some of the great posts.

Welcome aboard @miyo . Glad everything went well during install.

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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay. :wink:

Welcome @miyo!

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Hello and Welcome! Really happy to hear that you installed with no issues :smiley:

Thanks everyone! :blush:

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Welcome to the forum @miyo

I’m glad no issues. I had a couple. Like, installing at 2 a.m. and forgetting to hit the space bar on my windows manager, etc.

But those are operator headspace errors.

I’m too old to load anything after about 11:30 p.m.

Thanks again guys!

I’m really loving the system! Unfortunately, I installed AL on my old HP dx5150 desktop at home, so that means that I don’t get to use AL as much as I’d like. :thinking: Gonna have to put it on my laptop that I use at work to remedy that! :slightly_smiling_face: Played around with baph today, and that’s another piece of awesomeness!