Hi everyone... :)

Hey all, thought I’d reintroduce myself. …

I’m Glenn, I’ve been a Linux user since #! was originally based on Ubuntu. Although I primarily enjoy the theming side of our hobby, I find myself discovering something new ‘under the hood’ every day. I’m married, have seven kids (five girls & two boys) and I’m employed as a substance abuse counselor. Huge fan of ArchLabs but use BunsenLabs and my own spin of Ubuntu w/jwm, as well. Love the new diggs and look forward to hanging out with everyone.


Goddess I thought three boys was a lot…


Even though I’m someone who loves light drugs, since they saved my life.

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Nice to meet you, @anon37345411!

Hey Bear,

You’re right, three are a lot but reasonable, seven’s akin to insanity :roll_eyes:

All but one have jumped ship so, life’s… quieter.

No worries ector. I’m a counselor, not a cop… hehe

What people do in the sanctity of their own home is up to them so, smoke um if ya got um. :grin:

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@Palanthis, great to meet you too & welcome aboard!

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@anon37345411 Mine are a wee young to abandon the nest just yet, so I have all those years of chaos left to me.

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Welcome Glenn!

Man I thought I had it tough with two boys! LOL

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I thought one was enough :joy:


Thanks man :slight_smile:

Stick with the boys Matt. I couldn’t love my girls more but they’re ultimately opportunistic, life-sapping, little parasitic worms from which there’s no escape. Hehehe! :rofl:

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NO chance of my little family expanding mate, personally I think that 12 years between kids is too much.