Hi everyone


After many years spent on Ubuntu, about two years ago I moved to Arch-based distributions (Manjaro, then Antergos GNOME), to finally end up on vanilla Arch and Openbox. I keep an eye out on all distros which come with Openbox, but ArchLabs is the one nearest to my personal setup. I hope you can tolerate an “Archer” here, especially that I ran away from the Arch forums after two posts or so. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @nwg. Enjoy .




Hello @nwg and welcome to the forum. Here the tolerance is included in the package!


Welcome and enjoy…once you get in a screenshot thread you will see the tolerence…lol…there are many that aren’t even archlabs sometimes.


Welcome here !


LOL, I also got some screens to post, to advertise my scripts. :wink:


lol, good one in there @nwg


You mean scripts like these?

Nice work.

Enjoy ArchLabs


Exactly. Great that you like them. At first it was just my notepad, to avoid searching same solutions again and again. Recently I moved all the stuff to GitHub. I have one more project / AUR package on stock, which I couldn’t live without. Possibly someone here will like it, too.


Absolutely! I sure would. Maybe during Christmas break I will be doing some scripting. By the way @nwg welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum @nwg, happy to have you here.


We’re all Arch users here, we just go about it with generally more positive and friendly dispositions :wink:

I lasted longer than that but can’t say I blame ya!

A pleasure to meet you @nwg, welcome to the community :blush:


Haha. Welcome!

I never registered, I was always bemused and sometimes horrified how those arrogant twits treat people.
This forum and the people within it are great. Hope you get to three posts :grin:


I hope you find it enjoyable here as I have found it. Cheers!


@sikkdays I’ve spent few days here so far, but long enough to appreciate the friendly community. :slight_smile:


Welcome nwg and enjoy all the great folks here! :wink: