Hi everybody

Hi there, I am a recent convert from BL linux, and this is my first post @ archlabs.

I consider myself pretty noob as far as linux goes, but difficulty rating doesn’t make me shy away from things. I’ve had an archlinux install on an old thinkpad as main for a couple months and really like it.

Cheers for now



Hello. Welcome. It seems like there are many users who have tried bunsenlabs first, including me.

If I can give you an advice it is to read a bit into the arch wiki to understand the package managers a bit and there are many nifty tweaks you can do to your system, so look up your hardware maybe. Personally it helped me out a lot to come from a background where I have already read a bit in the wiki and therefore thought I understood what I did a bit.

Is bunsenlabs the only distro you have run yet?

Cheers, Booming

Greetings and welcome @ren_ecks!

Hey, welcome here !
As stated above, I strongly advice you to read a bit the arch wiki, it can gives some really valuables informations !
It’s funny how so many people come from bunsenlabs, never tried it before ^^

Welcome @ren_ecks !!

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Welcome aboard ! As stated above read the wikis & threads in the forum.



Welcome to the forum, any tech guru has been a newbie before.
I still am after all this time…

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Gee @pippo , if you re still think that you re a newbee, wonder what I am on Linux ! I m less than a newbee I guess, still can t compile after 10/15 years on Linux but it s not my priority to be honest lol

Anyways, always something to learn right !

I was on bunsenlabs for quite a bit on an old netbook before a friend gave up his Thinkpad T410 for a new shiny laptop.

Willdo! I dont think I can screw around this time. dont wanna go the whole " i changed a config file and i cant fix it- lets go nuke rw install the system again road atm "

Distros tried - (not in order!)
Crunchbang waldorf
Bunsenlabs deuterium
Lubuntu / xubuntu



You find out more things- end up having even more questions than answers when its all over. Cant compile either, dont know where half the stuff is- but i think we can still enjoy linux just as much as everyone else here does.



That s the main thing right @ren_ecks !

Enjoy ourselves with the things that we like.

Welcome to ArchLabs and our community @ren_ecks, it’s a pleasure to have you here.

pleasantly surprised, a lot more people responded than I was expecting! many thanks all :slight_smile: