Hey there

I appreciate ArchLabs, thank you.

My linux journey all began with a Microsoft Windows helpline tech call gone bad in ~ 2006. Went thru the usual distro hopping and such. Started using Arch Linux in 2008 and loved it. I am by no means a linux wiz but appreciate the occasional challenge/learning opportunities such an OS provides.

These days I have been thrust into an IT position at my job on top of my usual duties, hello windows … again. I have no formal IT training, alas google is your friend. The funny thing is many times you walk up to the person in need and the problem “fixes” itself by just your mere presence!? Working from the seat of my pants most of the time.

Thus these days ArchLabs install and scripts are appreciated as well as most of the installed programs are the ones I use anyway. Thank you for the introduction to polybar, even made a few crude scripts for my own needs.

Ironically I have bad typing skills, but I’ll try to make it pretty.

So … hello there folks.


Hello @FluffyUnicorn welcome.

I too seem to be the IT guy where I work, by default. It’s frustrating to work with Windows but I get by.

Look forward to seeing more of you around the forum.

It’s a pleasure man & welcome aboard :v: