Hey, phuturism from BL forums

Hey all,

medium term user of bunsenlabs, #! user back in the day. have been playing with a bpswm version of Arch the last few weeks. Thought why not get the best of both worlds and go to Archlabs. Installed last night without problems, setting up bpswm this morning. So far so good!

Oh I’ve been in Indonesia last few years, back to my home town of Melbourne, Australia last week, just doing the 14 days obligatory quarantine. Working, but plenty of time to tinker with archlabs.


Welcome, I am an old #! user myself. All my Linux desktops, from AL to even Fedora all emulate good 'ol #!'s lulz. I use AL and a cross pollination of Bunsenlabs/Sparky, using BL’s Lithium desktop with Sparky.

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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome aboard, nice to see some people from #! , BL.

I am running OB on Devuan. Pulled some config files from BL repo. :smiley:

Still using bspwm in other arch systems.


I do the same with Sparky, although I might try Devuan, if I can use Debian testing with it (which I assume I can).

I am thinking doing a reverse, going full BL and just adding the Sparky repo just for the Sparky toolbox. Maybe try that one on my craptop.

Welcome! Glad to see you here.

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thanks for the warm welcome guys!

I forgot one step - i used fluxmint for a while before crunchbang. That was a beautiful distro and my intro to fluxbox and wms.

Hey bud.

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That might be easier. :smiley:

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Yeah I just have to config BL with Testing, and some guardrails in case I get drunk and impatient with Testing, like I did when I was running BL with Sid lulz. I just get a little bent at “you have held broken packages” when I get a little crazy doing stuff that’s way easier in Arch.

Welcome @phuturism!