Hey all! New to ArchLabs!


I’m a married lesbian from Australia, code hobbyist, design student, and a fairly recent Linux user.

I never much liked Windows or Mac OS, but when I started to use Arch-based distros it was like coming home. After using Manjaro for a bit I wanted something else, and saw a few screenshots with ArchLabs on Reddit. Piqued my interest, and the next day, I installed it. So far, I’m absolutely loving it, and I’d love to contribute in whatever way I can.

Much love from me to you,

btw i use archlabs


Welcome @LionessAlana!!




Welcome aboard. Hope you ll enjoy AL.


Hello @LionessAlana and welcome to the forum, See you around.


Thanks all, you seem like a friendly community! @pippo it’s nice to see another girl here!


Welcome @LionessAlana a pleasure to meet ya! :grinning:


@LionessAlana , It is an EXTREMELY friendly community. The fact that they put up with me says it all…


Welcome aboard @LionessAlana. Hope you enjoy this great forum.


Hello and welcome to the ArchLabs forum! Hope you have a good time here and it’s nice to meet you. :slight_smile:


Welcome Home to ArchLabs @LionessAlana


Welcome… and shouldn’t that ‘btw’ read " I’m lesbian and use archlabs"?

I’m a vegan archlabs user


Damn, you got me… You’re absolutely right :joy:


welcome to the club.

Where in “stralia” are you?


Same here, welcome to the club .


@philT South-East Queensland :slight_smile: Nice enough area, but I can’t stand the heat.


Come where I live -10 C tonight @LionessAlana ! lol I lied, just checked -16 right now.

Edit; South East Queensland looks real great for what I could see in the web.


Be still my heart! :heart_eyes:
I love the cold. Recently it’s been around 35C here. :frowning:


Well , can t bear this kind of heat! Remember when going in Texas while driving big trucks, had a hard time there I must say ! lol


I here you. Im in the ACT - from New Zealand. I work up your way on occasion. The heat is doing my head in right now. 38.