Henry Rollins, Sell Out or Not?


Henry Rollins. Professional Wise Man and Legend.

He spoke words of truth there. Untouchable album…well maybe only by Vol 4.

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Kieth Morris kicks his poser ass any day of the week.

Although I might have missed your sarcasm.

You go to the bathroom and you wash your mouth out with soap right now Drummer.

No one talks shit about Henry! No One!

I love Henry Rollins, I have thought he is the coolest dude ever since I heard Black Flag Damaged all those years ago.

No I was serious. I genuinely think quite highly of the guy.

Rollins wanted to fight a buddy of mine who was touring with his band because my buddy was laughing at him while Rollins was doing pushups backstage lulz. Rollins is Hollywood, a self aggrandizing celeb brat packer hanging closeted femme boy, he is nowhere near Jello or Morris. He and Jack Black put the final nail into the coffin of punk, Rollins is left to preaching Keto and Puff Daddy branded moisturizers. Fuck that guy.

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We all have different perceptions of the dude, I’ve never met the bloke. I go off that I have seen of him and what I have seen is pretty damn interesting.

What’s the saying? Never meet you idols (or heroes). I don’t plan on meeting him, ignorance is bliss.

Rollins is commercial, he is the antithesis of what the anti-establishment “Fuck Reagan” 80’s is. Punk is ultimately nihilistic, at least SoCal punk is. Rollins is a narcissistic asshole who has cultivated his own brand that is similar to Dave Navarro in his own brand rock chic, a Muscle and Fitness cover boy. Rollins is VH1, always has been and always will be a has been.

Oh man, comparing Uncle Henry to Navarro is a tad harsh. Ouch.

No one has sold out quite like Mrs David Navarro has. I really do not like that guy.

P.S. Jane’s Addiction sucks the big one.

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I as I mentioned before, I worked with Dave Navarro’s dad, and his dad and his cousin’s are as corporate as any corporate people I have worked for. Dave Navarro’s dad makes a fuck ton of money, but he was way fuckin cool, probably more cool to work for than Dave himself, because he didn’t have to work in the entertainment industry. I’d figure Dave would be a broke ass if he didn’t have his dad help him advise him with contracts. Fucking Rollins went to prep-school, he is far from Ron Reyes or Morris. I woke up with Dez’s smelly feet in my face after a fest I did sound for, Jello, Dez, Morris, all those guys are pretty much broke as fuck compared to Rollins, and only because, well I would say Rollins sold out, but fuck, Rollins sold Rollins, that’s what his brand is, and it’s not downtown Sunset and Vine Hollywood, but up in the Hollywood Hills, fucking Silverlake, or worse, the San Ferfuckhole Valley.

Bad day? Hahaha…
Drink a few beers and calm down.

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You do know that punk shows usually have a mosh pit, which is not exactly a Harlequin Book Club, don’t you?

Edit: it’s fucking Henry Rollins, he is supposed to be hated, that’s his whole reason why he is Henry fucking Rollins.

I know, i know.

But there are more important things to get excited about.
Rollins is none of them.

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Rollins says some good things. A few stupid things. His era with Blag Flag is the best in my opinion.
That’s all. That’s all there is to say.
He’s not important enough to get so worked up about.

Maybe, but I would argue that Morris/Reyes Black Flag…

After that, there is no argument.

And that is precisely a matter of taste. Nothing more.
I was 31 years into the Punk/Hardcore/Crust scene.

And what has always upset me is the narrow-mindedness in the scene. Also, the uniformity that prevails there.
This has nothing to do with the originality of punk anymore.
Punk has long been a shadow of its former self.
Therefore: About things, which concerns this scene, I do not excite myself for a long time any more. It’s simply no longer important.

Punk is about passion and aggression, it gave me an alternative to the Quaalude Led Zeppelin/Aerosmith butt rock misogynist David Lee Roth mentality of Big Ass Rock “no brown M&M’s on the rider” excessiveness compared to the minimalist pure aggression of playing for beer and a simple meal.

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Punk is about many things. Not only this or that.

Yeah, i agree about that.

But here in Europe you have to look like that or this, if not, u r not a punk. You have to speak like this or that, if not… u r not a punk and some stupid other things. Punk and rules? Common, not for me.

Maybe it’s different in the States. No idea.

Still, getting worked up about Rollins just doesn’t make sense to me personally.
But of course it’s your right. You’re allowed to get upset about anything, of course. Punk or not.

We are way off topic here, but all I am gonna say is that I fucking love Henry Rollins. Always have always will.