Help with switching to Unstable + adding the Testing repo's?

Hey all,
I’ve been doing my best to figure everything out on my own, but I remain stumped on the AL Unstable repo and the Testing repos in pacman.conf

  1. Do I need to comment out the original AL repo if I use the Unstable one?
  2. With the 2 testing repos, would I need to comment out the Core and Community repo’s if I decide to use the testing ones?

Thank you in advance!

You can have all enabled if you want, how it works is that the higher up the list each repo is, the higher priority, so if you want to use unstable then uncomment them, updating will pull from whichever repo is higher in the list or has the latest version of each package.

In this case, any package in testing/unstable who’s version is higher than that in stable will be pulled from testing/unstable.

Arch works the same way with its official packages, AL packages are only ones provided by us and not available in the Arch repos so the two don’t have any conflicting packages


Sorry, I should have worded it a little better. I just wanted to know how to change to the Unstable AL repo. I asked if when using the unstable repo, should I disable the original ones?

In regards to the testing repos; If I wanted to use them, should I disable the Core and Community repos that are originally used?


Ahh, now I understand it, just needed some clarification before I make any changes. Thank you, I appreciate it!

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Glad you got it fixed, sadly it s hard to get the How Tos, the wiki is/was being redone. So we kind of lost the directions on how to make the switch, some links have disapeared .

Here s the latest link to some or most How Tos

Edit 1, here s the one that I think that you need on your end:

Edit 2 ; The iso s pretty old , but the repo s the same .

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Thats understandable, things happen haha just wanted to avoid asking a question that a guide was dedicated to explaining. And thank you! I appreciate it!

edit: guess I didnt search hard enough :joy:

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No problem with that @slick guess we mostly went through this at some point . Just edited when you were typing I guess. Keep it on in there !