Help with strange behaviour in XFWM4

The issue:

I recently updated and now have a weird remnant of the window title (shown in the picture as a green strip)


I have my usual settings in the window manger gui (font size as small as possible etc…)


Attached is the themerc screenshot:


Questions -

  1. anyone know how to completely remove the window title?

  2. any thoughts on why the text is green? this is not in any of my theme files or settings.

  3. is there a way to change the colour so that I can at least match it to the bg colour so it "disappears?

I was trying to find a way by adjusting my gtk 3.0 config, but either you cant or I haven’t found a way - does anyone know a way?

Isn’t it just a component of the bar that can be removed or turned off?

What bar/panel are you using?

EDIT: maybe I misunderstood initially and you’re talking about the window titlebar?

All xfce. Nothing fancy. I dont think this is done via panel settings. But this might be a reason to start using a different wm.

That’s the text for the titlebars?

Can you go into a the window manager tweaks and set the font size to “0”? Or maybe a setting like:

active_text_size=0 <-- or maybe active_text_size=" "

in the themerc

You can try matching that text color to what the gtk theme is using for titlebars. The active text color #1DE9B6 in your themerc is a bright cyan/green:


use a color picker and find out what the titlebar color is.


Nice @PackRat

Thanks @packrat for pointing out the colour.

I am embarressed that I missed that, however in my defense it looks a bit like #1A1A1E when I have been trying to fix the issue for hours.
It must have been a copy and paste error out of gpick.

Thanks again, but I now need to bury my head in the sand for a day or two.


Shit happens mate, I wouldn’t be too worried about it :smiley: