Help with Alpine Linux Install

" Once that is done, you can install the recommended and supported graphical setup by installing (and thus running) apk add alpine-desktop."

doas apk add alpine-desktop

ERROR: unable to select packages:
alpine-desktop (no such package)
require by: world[alpine-desktop]

doas apk search alpine-desktop

Not in repo.

Is this a case of something was changed and the wiki wasn’t updated? Hate that…

Searching came up with three different answers:


You need to enable main, testing and community repos in /etc/apk/repositories.

After that, you need to install xorg, dbus, dbus-openrc, xfce4, xfce4-terminal, lightdm, lightdm-openrc and light-gtk-greeter, etc pkgs.

Then, you need to add lightdm and dbus services in default level. After that, you can start lightdm service,

#rc-service lightdm start

It will launch Xorg and lightdm. You can start from there.

Alpine is a coool distro but it needs some work for desktop use. If you are new to OpenRC, I would not recomment it. In addition, it uses musl, some applications may have compatibility issues.

Their wiki pages/handbooks are out of date sometimes. No comparison to Arch wikis.


I just like to look, I don’t use 99 44⁄100% of the spins I see. I learn a lot by just looking. Thanks for the tips.

Alpine is one of the coolest distros in Linux world. I can not find drivers for my laptop and some apps I need everyday, otherwise, I would be using it.


Can you name a couple of things why would you use alpine over other distros? Also, what WM would you install on it?


The main sway developer uses Alpine.

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Minimal and security oriented.. Uses OpenRC for those that do not want to use systemd or sysVinit.

I installed it once and got fluxbox working as the window manager. It’s a sweet distro if you want to invest the time to build the system you want.

HOAS used Alpine a lot - Alpine Linux thread.


He’s a developer for Alpine isn’t he?

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Probably, I’m not sure.

I installed Alpine once. It’s ok, but I couldn’t resist the impression, that installing it as a desktop is against its purpose.


He’s a contributor.

I know he does and he was really excited about it. I really miss HOAS :disappointed_relieved: :frowning_face:

A quick:


Will install everything to get xfce4 up and running.

You can run:



My thought exactly.
Using Alpine as desktop in a long run, I would not be surprised if it feels like a “every day tweak” journey.
Though I understand the fun in it for a short experience.