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Nate and I are in the market for an extra development. I can’t promise wealth or prosperity or even a hug but I can promise you can be involved in the direction of ArchLabs.

If anyone has the skills or will to get involved hit me up.




Care to share some more details? What skills would be required? No need to spill the beans but this could be anything from “make toiletpaper with AL-logo” to “make own kernel”… :slight_smile:

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I’ve sent you a PM.

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In case you needed some python, just let me know. :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, appreciated.

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I’ll do what I can :slight_smile:

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Thanks Chris. I’ll be messaging everyone this Friday with details.

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Sounds like you guy are on the verge of something exciting! The antica … pation is the killer, lol
Did ya see what I did there?!?!?!



I did see, impressed I was.

You’ll find out Friday. :smiley:

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Okay I suppose I should just be out with it.

I don’t think my first post quite imparts the seriousness of what the situation is for me.

Basically what is happening is that Nate wants to step back from the development. Real life isn’t leaving him the spare time required for ArchLabs. Nate will still be a huge part of ArchLabs, just not as hands on.

I need 2-3 people who are interested to contact me and talk about taking over as a multi-dev styled set up.

I have a deadline which I have set for Friday 12th April. I’ll be posting more details then once I have had a chance to survey what resources and people I have available.

I really want ArchLabs to continue so the more we can get on board the better. In a way I am opening ArchLabs more to the community. Though again, this will need to be thought through and discussed with those who are interested and can dedicate the time.

I don’t want to sound like and arsehole but if you can’t be sure of hanging in long term then please don’t offer. I need long term involvement.

There will also be a requirement for testers. Serious testers. Not people who just want to taste the latest ArchLabs and not contribute back.

Thanks to those who have contacted me so far, very appreciated and it makes me happy to see the support is there.

I’m always available via email ( or PM here so please contact me if you are seriously interested in being a part of ArchLabs.

Thanks In Advance.


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Okay well it was Friday here in NZ yesterday. I’ll give this another week as I have had very few messages etc.

Thanks to all so far who have put their hand up.

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I would if I could Matt. I just dont have the tech skills to be much use.



It’s all good dude :smiley:



I’m once again extending my deadline for another week. I’m going to double down on putting the word out there,

So far @Chris @AvnSgt and @TimApple have offered help. Very, very much appreciated.

I’ll send Slack invites out next Friday.

But saying all this, is there really any point in continuing AL? I know people use AL but maybe its better to create a script that you install post vanilla Arch install? Would anyone actually use that? I’m really lost as to what to do…

  • Continue AL
  • Close up shop
  • Script for post Arch vanilla install

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Don t stop AL !

Can t help you guys with testing, not versed enough on Arch . But I would if I was able to.



I think you need to do what you need to do…wow that’s general. But I know it’s a lot of time and effort to keep a distro going. I’ll support you whatever the decision is. Don’t want it to kill your vibe stressing over it. :grinning:

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Testing isn’t as hard as you might think:) that’s how many of us start and every little bit helps!!



Good point @Chris .

Little bit more versed on Debian distros so to speak, even so, not a crack as some in here , might not be of much help.

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Okay, so @Dobbie03 has laid out one of the worst case scenario anyone could face, as a community voting choice. This does not mean ArchLabs will go the way of the Dodo. At the time he posted the voting choices, I am sure he was under some stress since there is a need to be filled. That said, I would let this simmer a few days, while the ArchLabs team gets its relative course bearing…