Help setting keybind to lock screen...not working

Hi, can anyone help me, I’m trying to set a keybind for the default screen lock (i3lock-fancy -p); however I seem to be doing something wrong. I have read the arch wiki on ACTIONS and configuring keybinds and google searched this matter quite a bit to no avail, and from the looks of it I’m doing it correctly but its just not working…take a look the following is my configuration for this step within my rc.xml file:

<keybind key="W-l">
  <action name="Execute">
    <command>i3lock-fancy -p</command>

Note that the is already setup, meaning it starts at the top and ends all the way at the end of this file…

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also I did save the file, reconfigured openbox and restarted it; however I did not restart my system… I’ll do that now just to be sure…


Well I’m an idiot, i guess restarting the system does the trick! hahahah…shot out to myself!

Cheers guys

LOL!!! Glad you sorted it