Hello,my name is Andrew,originally from London,but now living in exile in the East Midlands in the UK.
I have been using Archlabs since R2D2 first came out,tried it live,thought it was fantastic and installed it straight away!
I started my Linux adventures with Blackbox some years ago,then when Openbox came out,switched to it,and have had a love for it ever since,used Debian Testing for quite some years,but with Archlabs being based on Arch,it has started a whole new adventure of discovery.
Would also like to say thank you to Dobbie and the team,for the wonderful work they have done with Archlabs,thank you!

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Welcome here Andrew. A lot of pleasure with Archlabs

Thank you very much!
It most surely is,and you learn much more about Linux too with it being Arch under the hood,as the documentation is brilliant.

Hello Andrew

Welcome Andrew. Where in the east midlands?

Hello pippo!

Hello bugman,in a village between Leicester and Loughborough,been up here 9 years this year.
Are you in this area too?

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Welcome Andrew!

Thank you very much 7im4pple!

Be very welcome!

Welcome to the ArchLabs forum, Andrew. :slight_smile:

Thank you Xen!

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No. Im a kiwi living in iz. But I used to live in Manchester and had mates in the east midlands.

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@brinjal, welcome mate, enjoy your stay.

Oh I see!
Used to go to Manchester quite a lot,stayed in Didsbury,which is South Manchester,It’s one of my favourite cities,along with Liverpool and Leeds! :smiley:
But the East Midlands,there are some nice places here,but Leicester itself has earned it’s place in the worst cities I have ever been to,along with Bradford and Sheffield,it’s like going into a black cloud of depression going to them. :cold_sweat:

Thank you very much Dobbie03!

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Ah, Liverpool, I lived there for years, friendliest city ever, IMO.

I must say I can’t agree about Bradford though, I thought it was absolutely gorgeous when I visited (briefly), the surrounding landscape is majestic :slight_smile:

Anyway, welcome to the forums!

Thank you!
Yes Liverpool,got the shock of my life going there,was expecting a grim,deprived industrial city,but I could not have been more wrong! :astonished:
The architecture and buildings are fantastic,especially the waterside,and the people are lovely,very genuine and friendly,the wife and I are going to stay there for a few days this summer,as we both liked it so much.
But Bradford,was on a coach trip going through Bradford on the way to the M1,and the part we went through was just on the edge of the city centre,and after going through the lovely countryside,it was a very depressing shock,there were derelict,ruined and abandoned buildings everywhere,what looked like WW2 bomb sites where buildings had been demolished,and the land just left,what looked like slum housing and rubbish all over the place,everybody on the coach was horrified,especially as we had just visited the village used for Emmerdale! :cold_sweat:
Maybe the city centre is nice,but I really don’t want to go back there ever again! :dizzy_face: