Hello World!

Hi All!

I just heard of you from a video in YT. Like, why haven’t I ever heard of you? I have run BrunsenLabs and Crunchbang#! in the past. I am a Debian user by heart, apt-get is in my blood.

But, lately, I have been looking for something more like a rolling release. Something that has more current packages. As Debian vanilla is always behind on kernals and updates. Ubuntu/Mint are good at updates, but you aren’t getting the latest of the latest.

I have used Arch, Antegros, Manjaro, and a few other Arch distrobutions. But they are either too easy or immensely hard to get going. To me, Arch is like Debian, Antegros is like Ubuntu, and Manjaro is like Mint. I like a challenge, but something too hard scratches my head,

You guys just sound like what I needed my whole life.

I am currently unemployed. My medical needs (RX Drugs) really push my head too hard. I often have to lay down in the afternoon, and 75% of the time fall asleep. Do that at work, and they’d fire you. After a brain tumor, seizures, a small stroke, and little things that follow, I’m amazed I’m still walking. Yet, I keep myself busy with computer support, on several forums (don’t wanna advertise :stuck_out_tongue: ), playing Minecraft and several other games, and messing with different distros in VirtualBox.

Any questions, ask! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @Mind .

Loved #Bang & still on BL.

Edit: Hope you ll be ok health-wise



Sorry to hear about your medical issues!

If you need any help, let us know.


Welcome @Mind!!

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Hallo @Mind !


Welcome @Mind. Hope you enjoy this forum and AL.

I assume you’re not like Arch forums :roll_eyes:


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We try not to be, all we ask is you try to help yourself first :smiley: If you can’t find a solution just give us as much information as you can :+1:

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Yeah, most things I do look up myself. I only ask when I am running in circles and going nowhere. I asked something on the “newbie” section of Arch forums. They told me to read the Wiki. I already did, several times. I try to explain to them it isn’t wortking. (must have been something with my hardware) They close my post… :angry:

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They do have a limited patience but if you get stuck here just let us know. I’ll only close the post if I see it isn’t going anywhere or the same question has already been asked.

I totally know what you mean. I’m in a different tech forum, and I see this all the time. It goes on for 6 or 7 pages long trying to teach one thing that goes on and on…

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Oh, um, few question I have, that I didn’t see in the FAQ section or anywhere.

  1. Are you similar to ArchBang? I thought they were the Arch continuance of Crunchbang. Must just be a coincidence.

  2. When did this start? I don’t mean when the planning started. I mean, when did you release your first full release? I looked everywhere and never found it.

  1. I suppose we are similar to ArchBang though we are a bit more faithful to the final #! - Bunsen look than they are.

  2. First release was approx Feb 2017.

Oh, thanks. to say the least, I never liked Archbang…

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I did but it was missing something for me.