Hello to all, need help

I am Andril, i was a #! user and very intrigued by Arch and very happy to see that you all have made this distro possible. Ruuning it on my Dell XPS 15 laptop and hoping to get some help with getting acclimated. This is my 1st Arch based system and I am very impressed with the performance. Love the Openbox and Polybar but looking for some jedi to show me the way

wow thanks for the reply just trying to get a custom setup and install additional packages - is there a gui package manager available? also any Openbox tips

Welcome aboard @andril. Have you looked up the wiki and read up about openbox? This may give you some ideas of what to do.

Openbox on arch based distros


Openbox themes

These can be of help. They will also help you with deciding where exactly to help you with. Also, for polybar, use our search engine in this forum, that’s the magnifying glass on the top right. Then when you specific questions, there will be plenty of great people here to help you.


All the links for help and support are in the obmenu :smiley:

We have them all in one place that way.


Welcome @andril! There are very good examples in the documentation. I also recommend you visit the screenshots section.

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Hello @andril , welcome to the forum

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Welcome aboard @andril .

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