Hello there!

I am a long time distrohopper mostly moving around ubuntu-based distros, i also tried manjaro, solus and fedora but there was always a thing or two i didn’t like.

I learned about AL thanks to bunsenlabs, which i used to revive my 2008 atom netbook, and since i wanted to use Arch, but was to lazy to actually try to install it, i decided to give this a try instead.

And i have to say that i’m really happy so far, the installation process was painless and everything works as it should even though i installed a DE not present in the installer. I’m sure i will find something arch related that i won’t understand but i’l try to learn because i’m starting to worry about my ssd’s health :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for this awesome distro!


Hello @Kiri and welcome to Archlabs. Now you switched from distro-hopper to system-configuration-hopper. Have fun!

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Welcome @Kiri!!

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Welcome aboard @Kiri

Welcome aboard @Kiri. We hope that you will enjoy the forum as well as the distro.


Hello and welcome!