Hello There

I Just had to pop in and say Thanks to the Devs for a very very nice Distro. I was initially daunted by a text based install but I am happy to report that this has to be one of the simplest installs I have done. Ok I am not a newb and had all my partitions pre configured but even so. Superb. :smiley:

I cannot promise I will still be around in 6 months as I am an addicted Distro Hopper but that said - so far this one is a keeper. Let me finish off installing all my bit n pieces and I shall edit this intro.

Regards Zeb…


You are welcome!

Welcome aboard @zebedeeboss

Glad to see you here @zebedeeboss. I have one partition for AL, one for my arch vanilla, one for my kali setup, one for…cough, cough windows (unfortunately, I need it for work), and a free partition for distro hopping. Anyways, glad you’re here and hope you like our awesome community.

Welcome in the forum and community.

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Hi everyone, thanks for the welcome.
I too have a number of partitions to help me Hop. Currently I have Archlabs, Peppermint 9, MX18, Feron OS, Bunsenlabs, Win (cough) 10 - I am the family support and they won’t move to linux (sigh!)

Nvidia install a breeze and Steam running sweet as :smiley: Happy Bunny

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I feel your pain man. I have widow, ah I mean Windows 10 pro because of my job, family, and friends who doesn’t want anything to do with Linux. Also, unfortunately, I have software that I love that only works in Windows and they will not work using wine or other windows emulators in Linux.

The only reason I don’t have a m$ partition anymore is because the game I was addicted to doesn’t run on linux :crazy_face:
Hi and welcome @zebedeeboss :rabbit: (I tried to find a merry go round or a spring emoji but couldn’t…)

:smiley: There is my usual avatar - I grew up on Magic Roundabout / Hectors House etc etc


Mine was Jamie and the Magic Torch <3

Welcome to ArchLabs

Welcome @zebedeeboss!

Welcome @zebedeeboss. even if you don’t use ArchLabs you are welcome here. :slight_smile: