Hello there people

My names Liam. Love to meet and converse with people from different cultures. A tech and gaming enthusiast and an aspiring musician.


Welcome to ArchLabs!

Welcome @liamnilsson!

Hello Liam and welcome to the forum. May I ask you what you play (instrument/genre)?

Welcome aboard, nice seeing new members.

Welcome Liam!

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Welcome to archlab forum @liamnilsson. There’s quite a few interesting characters on this forum and hope you enjoy.

Hey pippo. I sing and play the acoustic. Well i started off with metal/rock but now i mostly listen to soul/electronic/experimental.


you sold us out dude! you sold us out.

I jest. What ever you enjoy! All are welcome. :smiley:

Ahah what is it you listen to. I am sure ill surprise you. Thanks bud

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