Hello! Soon moving to Archlabs for the first time


I am currently running on Win10, but I will get back to using Arch. I was looking for something similar to Antergos (which I have tried for a month while it was still being maintained), and I kind of liked it! I wanted the arch based distro to be as close to arch as possible, so I did basic research and found Archlabs. And people saying only great things about it.

Of course I have ran Arch base for 3-4 years on my TP420, and I have reinstalled my arch system 80-120 times :rofl: without a install script! It took me this many reinstalls to finally consider making my own script, but for now I have abandoned the old laptop.

I already feel I have the foundation of using Arch, thanks to my previous experiences. I just prefer to have a lazy method of installing my arch these days, and still get a pure arch! This is exactly why I have decided to give Archlabs a chance :slight_smile:

By the way! I really like the forums (technically they look very beautiful) and the community of people here looks really friendly too :slight_smile:. I only wonder if many Antergos users migrated over to this forum and distro (since Antergos became inactive)? It’s my guess :)) because I spotted a few positive similarities between both communities!

Thanks for reading and Blessings to everyone!


Welcome aboard @Sorcerer

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Hey @Sorcerer, welcome to the community.

Sounds like you’ll fit in great here.

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welcome!! :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum @Sorcerer

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Hello @Sorcerer, welcome to the forum

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