Hello from the lab next door

Hi, I’m one of the people working on BunsenLabs.
I have no immediate plans to start using Arch at the moment - Debian keeps me quite busy enough - but there seem to be enough similarities between BL and AL that I thought it might be useful to drop in now and then to scavenge ideas…

From the UK but living in Japan for many years.
Apart from Linux, love music, food, beer, gardening, languages and travel (not much of that recently though).

Stay well everyone!


Welcome @johnraff, great to see you here man.

Hello @johnraff , welcome to the forum.

Hello @johnraff

Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to the release of Beryllium.

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Welcome aboard @johnraff . Glad to see you here.

Greetings and thank you @johnraff . I use BL with MX (thanks to @manyroads ), I love the Lithium desktop and BL’s features. Looking forward to Beryllium as well. I am an old #! guy, good to find the spirit alive with both AL and BL, both of which I have installed on my “labtop”. Thanks again and welcome!

Welcome @johnraff , great to see you here! This is what I said not so long here in another thread:

Bunsen & ArchLabs remain my always-come-back-home-to distro’s. They are both so well put together and, like @eznix would say, no fluff. So, yes, wherever I can I mention them. Although it’s nice to be staying a bit under the radar :wink: Great communities also btw.

Looking forward to Beryllium!

Welcome @johnraff it is good “seeing” you here. :wink:

Hello John, good to see you here :slight_smile:

How’s Beryllium coming along? I’m having issues with live-build atm :confused:

Welcome to the forum @johnraff, we’re all very glad to have you here.

Welcome @johnraff, nice to see BL friends here.

Luke, come with us to the Dark Side

Hi everyone, many thanks for that great welcome!

Will continue to pop in here now and then, but right now even the BL forum has been getting a bit less attention because of the upcoming Beryllium.



Hi H_O_A_S!

Right now I’m cleaning up/tweaking/polishing code in some of our utilities pre-release. No massive changes, just bugfixes, small UI improvements etc.

Hhh and the graphics team are busy on the new graphics stack - it’s not my department but I don’t think GTK will demand any major changes as happened in the past, and Lithium is quite a good base to build on IMO.

Live-build had a lot of commits between the Buster and Bullseye releases and many small details have changed. I haven’t yet attempted any iso building at all, but anticipate having to redo some of the patches/workrounds I had applied. Some will hopefully become unnecessary but there may well be other new gotchas…

I’ll keep an eye open for that squashfs-tools issue you mentioned elsewhere, thanks!


I checked your reviews thread @johnraff but didn’t see this posted yet. I would post it over at your forum meself, but I forgot my password, and I’m too lazy to fix that lulz:


Hey @johnraff . I’m Deboot’strapping bullseye in a fresh btrfs subvol as we speak. Gonna load it up with LXD. I’ve really gotten into LXD lately. You can run graphical apps in it as long as you’re using Xorg for the most part. Been able to get Microsoft office 2016 working that way with Crossover 2021.

Welcome here man ! :grinning:

@johnraff just a heads up since your wanting to cross-pollinate ideas, you’ll need to add firmware-sof-signed and alsa-ucm-conf packages to bunsen-meta-all for newer computer’s sound

That should already be included, it’s added as part of the --firmware-binary option for lb build.

Hello @johnraff , nice to see you here