Hello from switzerland

Hi there,

I used to be a distro hopper, switching distro all the time… then i found bunsenlabs… i loved it, except being debian based… then you guys made archlabs and i found my distro!
i really love it because its:

  • arch based and therefore always up to date
  • really minimal
  • looks great
  • has a nice installer with lots of options

thank you so much for all that work!
i use it for work on my laptops (t420s, t570) and works like a charm.
i’m working in console and vim all the time, so i3wm is the perfect match for me.
unfortunately didn’t get it run on my gaming machine… (but i also didn’t try hard :slight_smile: )

i work as software developer in it-security and if i can help with some development, feel free to contact me…

cheers, have a nice day! <3


Welcome to the forum @daum3ns. And thanks for the great introduction.

Welcome aboard @daum3ns .

Edit: Glad to have you, an IT guy as well ! A nice addition.


Hello @daum3ns and welcome to the forum

Welcome @daum3ns to Archlabs! Hope you enjoy the forum as much as the distro. :grin:

Welcome @daum3ns!

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thanks for the warm welcome guys!
using it since a year actually and finally registered here :smiley:

Welcome to the gang!
Looking forward to chatting it up with ya!

Welcome to the forum!