Hello from Italy

Hi guys, it’s good to be here. I tried unsuccessfully to install an arch linux distro until i saw an ArchLabs video demonstration on youtube. It was love at first sight: minimal and beautiful, lightweight but with all you need, and a useful installation script.

Finally, as a computer engineering student i can really improve my skills and my linux knowledge. Thank you for your work.

P.S. This distro revived my laptop. With Win 10 there was a 5 minute loading screen, even with other basic linux distros like Ubuntu. Now it’s a matter of seconds. And i can use more applications at the same time without fearing a freeze.

(Sorry if I made english mistakes)


Benvenuto kosen.

Hello @kosen
Glad you can join us! Glad AL is working out for you! God bless on your computer engineering studies!

Welcome friend!

Welcome @kosen

Welcome here Pleasure with AL

Welcome to ArchLabs.

Welcome,that is also I am Italian.
Ps)From an engineering student I would have expected that I would even install arch and I assure you that it is nothing complicated, at least for me that I am not an engineer.
I hope it does not offend you


Ciao, anch’io sono italiano… Qui troverai una fantastica distribuzione e aiuto se ne avrai bisogno