Hello from India!



I’ve used Manjaro for a couple of years now, and I just set up i3gaps with ArchLabs after hearing about it on DistroTube. I’m honestly still a Linux beginner as I’ve stuck to Gnome and “fully-featured GUI” things and the closest I came to using something that requires configuration was the couple of weeks I spent using Openbox with #!++.

Here’s hoping I learn a lot and have an even more fun time using Linux.



Welcome aboard.


Hi @corsair! Judging from the order (GNOME -> Openbox -> i3), you’re going to feel at home here!


Hello @corsair, and welcome to the forum.


Welcome @corsair!!


Coming from Fedora with gnome before coming here, I know where you stand :wink:
It’s just a bit overwhelming because of the lots of informations you have to digest, but it’s definitely worth it and you can always ask question here / browse the arch wiki.
Welcome here !




Welcome to the ArchLabs family!


Welcome to the forum.


We’re all Linux beginners, despite time spent or experience level. Pleasure to meet you @corsair and welcome.




What this dude said!