Hello from France and congrat for this distro

Hi great Team,
before to switch to ArchLabs i have used / tried Manjaro, Ubuntu, Arcolinux, Archbang and my opinion ArchLabs is the best: the essential, speed et very stable (i’m using lts kernel).

I use a laptop techlast f7 with 512 ssd. I need speed and light and stable: Archlabs is this.
Many many thanks for your time to bulid and give a great distro.
i’m develop in c chess engine on my personel time

Best regards


Welcome aboard @Naltap .

Looks like you have a nice lappy in there .

Bienvenue !

Welcome to the forum. Glad you are enjoying ArchLabs.

Welcome @Naltap Bienvenue!

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Hello @Naltap, welcome to the forum.

Bienvenue !

Hey @Naltap, welcome to the gang!