Hello from europe

Hey - just want to say hello as I just installed Archlabs and was browsing the forums for some time.
I’m still learning and would consider myself still very unexperienced when it comes to linux, but I’m trying (for quite some time now though…).
Just installed Windows as a second OS to play some games again and while i was on it I decided to give Archlabs a try. I’m coming from Arch (fell in love with rolling releases and arch in particular) and stumbled upon dobbie’s screenshots all over DA while trying to figure out how to improve the looks of my desktop.
Now I’m on a new distro, with openbox and whatnot that I’ve never seen before up until a couple of days ago and will try to get the hang of it once I played some warframe.
Well, that’s my story and how i got here. Guess to sum it up: It’s the looks of AL or better: what you guys are doing with it. Really like it and please forgive me if i copy some of it at some point. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard , lots to learn on Linux , loads of readings helps also.

Keep it on.

Hello @staeffn and welcome to the forum, copy away, this is Linux and it belongs to everyone!


@staeffn Welcome to ArchLabs, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Regardless of how long each of us have been using Linux, we all learn something new every day and that’s the beauty of it :slight_smile:

Welcome @staeffn! No one knows everything in Linux. A lot of the times we would use apps that we like or find that works for a particular issue. But just about everyone on this forum does a lot of experimenting. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Also if there’s something you want to copy, go for it! And don’t be afraid to share your ideas as well. There’s plenty of great people who will help you if you get in jam. From US.

Hello and welcome!

Be very welcome!

Welcome and enjoy the wormhole!