Hello from Canada

Thanks for opening up and reading my Introduction. A little bit about me, I’m a Computer Science Student on Vancouver Island BC. I have been a Linux user for a few years. I have had a difficult time finding my “Distro”. I have been a pretty avid distro hopper. Using everything from straight Arch, Slackware, gentoo so on and so forth. I was on Bunsen labs for a bit, then got into awesome wm on Ubuntu, and got heavily into coding lua for my awesome desktop. I tried the 2017 arch labs release and liked it alot. But ultimately kept on hopping. I seen distrotube do his walk through on this latest version of Archlabs, and omg. I fell in love with it. The installer is really top notch, supporting all these wm’s was just so amazing, all the optional installs. It is just so well done, the color scheme is amazing. It also solves a huge problem of mine. I am an addicted tinkerer. It seriously cuts into my study time. So learning a new wm like i3 and configuring it my self was really not something I wanted to do. Anyways, I dont want to ramble for too long. This is a really great distro, and I cleared all other partitions off my laptop just for this one. And I am going to keep it that way.


Haha. We need a help group!

Welcome to the forum @mattBash!!

haha yea seriously need a help group! I’m wondering what type of contributions or help would be useful for the archlabs distro? Maybe someone who is involved in the development could divulge some more information this topic?

Glad to see another fellow BC resident, greetings from the okanagan valley.

We’re always looking for contributors, however I’m not great at dictating what to do.

What would you like to do?

I see you mentioned lua and Awesome, perhaps you’d like to keep on that and spin an awesome session?

We had an awesome option for a short while but it was removed due to configuration bugs and to relieve myself for other issues (namely the installer, which still needs work).

You can also feel free to browse our repos and see if anything catches your interest or needs work

I personally got started with AL just making openbox themes and some really bad scripts, one thing led to another and now I’m one of the primary maintainers (however my contributions still largely remain the same… scripts :P)

Welcome @mattBash to archlab forum. If you’re looking for help for tinkeritis, well you’re in the wrong place! :laughing: Pretty much everyone on this forum has tinkeritis and you will not get any help. But, if you like tinkering, then you’re in the right place and will get help if you need it, also if you have any ideas, then by all means SHARE! :wink:

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Hey very cool!! Not too far away either

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I like this community already. Actually spinning up an awesome config sounds like a really worthy cause, it would be an excellent edition on the installer. In fact, that is something I will work on in my spare time. Definitely going to start rooting through the scripts, and inner workings of the distro and become familiar with it. I also found my way to the community wallpapers, some of the best work I have seen in a while. The piece with the coffee mug with “simple is beautiful” written around the edge is my favourite. Anyways going to head to bed. Great chatting with everyone!


@mattBash Welcome!

Welcome aboard @mattBash . BC s a pretty place.

Hello @mattBash, glad you’re enjoing your time with the distro and the community

Welcome @mattBash!

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Hi from italy.
Off topic
To the friends of the forum, I’m sorry, but I stay away for some time and my wife esteems us separating after 37 years.
Without work and half sick.
I hope to come back soon.


Hello @ector, I hope you’ll get the things sorted. My best wishes.
Spero che tu riesca a mettere tutto a posto. Ti aspettiamo presto.

Sad news my friend. Thinking of you and your family.

I’m so sorry to hear that @ector. I went through the same thing a few years ago. I will have you and your family in my prayers. We’ll all be here when you come back, with our arms wide open. Till then my friend, stay strong. :cry:

We re backing you up @ector .

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Hello. Greetings from Germany

@ector Come back soon friend, I send you strength for this moment of life.Un abbraccio

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