Hello from Belgium

Darknetmatrix here,
Been busy with linux since the release of linux mint ‘Elyssa’ in 2008.
Have tried almost every desktop environment from kde to xfce.
Openbox is something I want to focus on right now, and hopefully I don’t run into too many problems so that I don’t make it too difficult for you guys.


Welcome from Canada, enjoy the ride !

Welcome to the forum @darknetmatrix. Don’t worry about the potential Openbox problems. There are some Openbox experts here. Pretty sure they will help you out.

Welcome to the forum, are you the original darknetmatrix from way back?

indeed @natemaia still the one and only

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Welcome @darknetmatrix from another Canadian. :wave:

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Welcome to the forum @Darknetmatrix

Welcome to the fun :beers:

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Welcome from sunny Southern California, where I am still wearing flip flops and shorts, while the rest of the country is in a blizzard lulz.

Welcome to the board!

Hello hello and welcome welcome :slight_smile:

Hello @darknetmatrix and welcome in the community


Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.